Comparison between Magento Vs WordPress E-Commerce Websites

Comparison between Magento Vs WordPress E-Commerce Websites

If you are currently operating a website, and looking to integrate some e-commerce functionality into it to grow your business, you might be confused with the two most popular solutions – Magento and WordPress. If you have some experience working with WordPress, Magento’s complexity may seem quite daunting comparatively.

In this article, we have highlighted why Magento is most preferred for e-commerce development, and some tips on how to use it flawlessly as you do with WordPress.

From the surface, both the platforms appear almost similar. Both of them are customizable, SEO friendly, can be broadly themed and have a strong online support community. Both are essentially content management systems (CMSs), allowing you to add, modify and manage your contents in the most simplified yet effective way. However, their differences lie in their core purpose.


WordPress is a popular open source publishing tool and content management system. Upwards of 17% of the Web, or over 60 million websites, is powered by WordPress. Even eBay Inc., which owns Magento, uses it to publish their blog. It is notable for featuring a plug-in architecture and template system in addition to being very user friendly. WordPress can be extended to support some basic eCommerce functionality through a number of third party plugins.


Like WordPress, Magento is built on open source technology. It is a feature-rich eCommerce platform trusted by more than 150,000 online retailers, including some of the world’s leading brands, ranging from small websites to large multinational businesses. Magento offers a level of functionality and customizability that provides merchants with the flexibility and control to create online stores that fit their business needs while also supplying powerful features like marketing, multi-store management, mobile commerce, business reports, search engine optimization, and catalogue-management tools. Magento’s CMS facilities also support the creation of complex content pages, version control, and menus – much like WordPress.

Comparison between WordPress and Magento:


Security – WordPress is a very popular platform which makes hacking attempts commonplace. Plus, having to use lots of plugins to add ecommerce (and other) features makes a WordPress site even more vulnerable.

Flexibility – Thanks to a huge variety of plugins being available for WordPress, this platform excells at building sites of all kinds. Social networks, forums, membership portals—almost anything you can think of.

Ease-of-Use – WordPress is well-known for being one of the easiest content publishing platforms to start using, and the good quality ecommerce plugins that are available are easy to pick up, too.

SEO – WordPress sites are similar here—they can do very well in search results if the proper care is taken, but it’s essential that you or someone on your team knows what they’re doing.

Budget – A WordPress website is quick and easy to set up, and adding an ecommerce plugin can be done very cheaply. But if you need to sell 100s of products, you may find yourself needing to migrate to a dedicated ecommerce platform one day.

Growth & Expansion – WordPress won’t handle more than 20 products very well, but if you want to grow a popular blog or membership site then it is the stronger option.


Security – Being a dedicated ecommerce platform means that Magento is quite robust and secure. Magento’s core includes most, if not all, of the features you’ll need to sell products online so you won’t need to take risks with extra extensions/plugins.

Flexibility – Magento’s focus on ecommerce makes it more robust, but less flexible. There are extensions available for blogging, for example, but most extensions add extra ecommerce features.

Ease-of-Use – There’s definitely a bigger learning curve when it comes to using Magento for the first time. Having a Magento development team who can build your store correctly and help you use it is almost necessary.

SEO – Magento sites, if well-built and correctly maintained, can perform very well in search results. However, there is a significant risk if SEO is ignored.

Budget – Building a Magento website usually requires a little more investment up-front, but this can pay off in terms of easy scaling and growth when adding more products over time.

Growth & Expansion – Magento is built to handle a lot of products, so expanding your online store over time will be easy.


As we’ve seen, Magento and WordPress are very different platforms, built for very different purposes. So if you plan on building a site that is focused on just selling lots of products, go with Magento. Or if you plan on selling just a few products and want to publish lots of content alongside them, go with WordPress.

But what if you want to do both? Yes—you can use both platforms for different areas of your site. Your online store can be powered by Magento while your blog runs on WordPress.

There are slightly different ways of implementing this (subdomains vs. sub-folders, for example), so make sure you speak to some experienced developers about this. Each platform may have different server requirements and this certainly won’t be the cheapest way to set up your site.

But if you know that you want both a large online store and a large amount of content, then using both of these platforms is an option to consider.



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